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Your large dog will be safely groomed with the utmost attention and care. With nails trimmed and a fresh clean coat, he or she is less likely to have health issues. Rely on our well-equipped facility to perfectly care for all large breeds.

Keep your large dog groomed for health


You can rest easy knowing that Dog's Best Friend Inc. knows the appropriate cut for your pet. You'll find that some large breeds have a double coat that can be difficult to thoroughly clean, but our pros have the knowledge to get it done right.

Breed-specified cuts and styling

•  Teeth brushing

•  Nail clipping

•  Flea bath

•  Heavy matting brush out

•  Deep cleansing bath

•  Expert cut

•  Furminator

Your large dog will love our facility and feel right at home


Grooming your dog regularly means that there will be less shedding. This is a bonus for you, especially if you find yourself vacuuming often at home. Your dog will also be much more comfortable with less itching.

Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere for your dog's comfort

Choose many services

Enjoy less shedding

You'll find that at Dog's Best Friend Inc., we know and appreciate all sizes and breeds. Each dog is an individual and requires a different type of attention from us. Your dog will be treated to the best grooming around and will surely turn heads when you are out for a walk!

Your dog is welcome at any size


Great service, 40 years experience, large and small dog grooming