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Long over due. Lisa has been grooming our doggy Yuki for over a year.We first went after Petsmart cut his paw and he would not let anyone near his paw after that.The first time Lisa said he was hard to groom but she said don't worry about it bring him back and ever since we are always happy with her work and Yuki looks cute every time.We just got back from camping and he was a hot mess and of course not surprised Yuki is show ready.Thank you Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pablo C.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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We have been taking our two Yorkies to Dog's Best Friend for almost 10 years now. Over the years we've tried other places, and all came up short. Lisa (owner) is incredibly knowledgeable about dogs and really cares about the comfort and well being of your pets.  This place is not cheap, $48 for full groom, but worth every penny and the peace of mind that your dogs are being cared for properly.


Take it from a loyal, satisfied customer, give this place a shot, you will not be disappointed!


Veronica E.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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I've used every groomer in town and there is no question Lisa is the best. Her mom was a groomer of championship poodles and this is still the facility used by owners of competition level dogs. Her prices are reasonable (don't compare an experienced groomer with some self-wash place!), perfectly clipped nails, anal glands expressed, ears cleaned and the cut appropriate to your breed. My dogs, who have since passed away, always ran eagerly in to see Lisa and came home fragrant, beautifully clipped and good to go for another month.


Julia T. 

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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This is my first time going to this groomer. Their store is rather small, but gets the job done. Once you step in, you are immediately in the grooming room with a wall lined with dog cages. The washing area is most likely in the back somewhere.


The owner (Lisa, I think) is very friendly and smiled. I've been to 'Bathe R Doggie' and didn't like the fact that they didn't even look me in the eye or greeted me when I brought my dog in. Lisa didn't seem rushed at all and gladly answered any questions we had. She told us that it would take 2.5 hours to get him groomed as she works on a first come-first serve basis.


When we showed up to pick up Monster, he was clean as a rabbit! She said that he was extremely easy to groom and friendly. The grooming cost us $35 for a 50lb english bulldog. It includes the bath, cleaning of the ears, toenails and anal glands expressing. Not a bad deal!


Sonya L.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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My husband and I took our dog here for the first time after several frustrating grooming experiences at Petsmart. Dog's Best Friend has a "first come, first served" policy: we dropped off our 20lb poodle-terrier mix around 8am, and picked him up around 2pm. He was crated when not being groomed, but that's fairly typical at small-business-type grooming places. The owner-operator was busy but very nice, and happy to answer my questions about pricing and grooming options. We paid $50 for a bath, cut, and nail trimming (which I think is a pretty good deal) and our dog came out VERY white and with a great cut. We'll absolutely come back here again.


k m.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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Have been coming here for years. Lisa the owner is great, knows her customers and gets to know your dog.   Her staff is concerned with your pet which is nice to see. Small business so she knows her regulars.  She's flexible.  Like that the dog is crated and like that it if you drop off early you can pick up around 1 or so dog isn't there ALL day like some places.


Cut can vary depending on type of dog.  But for wash and trim...she's reasonable price wise and you know people who care are handling our dog.   She does close early so when she says pick up, she means it.


c e.

Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

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Great service, 40 years experience, large and small dog grooming