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Your terrier deserves the perfect grooming, and it's true that his or her grooming is much different than other dogs. Your terrier likely has a hard, wiry coat. We are skilled in that area.

Bring your terrier to the pros for a groom


Going to the groomer can be stressful for your dog. Ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and cared for by experienced groomer who excel at providing quality grooming services in a serene environment.

•  Grooming all breeds of terrier

•  Grooming of undercoat

•  Thorough wash and blow dry

•  Groom both large and small breeds

You'll love the way your pooch looks - we guarantee it!

Get satisfied service - both you and

your dog will leave our salon happy. Plus, your dog will love coming to our location!

Get fast, affordable

terrier grooming services

Bring in any breed

We can groom your dog to breed standards

Not only can we perfectly groom your terrier, but we can skillfully give any type of dog its appropriate cut. You'll be glad you trusted a groomer with over 40 years in the business to have your furry pal looking his or her best.

Have all your dogs groomed in our facility

Comfortable and caring dog grooming services

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Great service, 40 years experience, specializing in terriers